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Your Guide to Body pH

Healthy bones require it…. Your immune system needs it….
Your hormones depend upon it…. Each of your 50 trillion cells is affected by it…..

What is IT?

Properly balanced pH.

You know its true. Blueberries only thrive in acidic soil. Lilacs only bloom in “sweet” alkaline soil. Tadpoles and fish die in acidified streams and

Understanding the acid – base balance, measured as pH, can make all the difference in the world between success or failure in gardens, lawn care, agriculture, aquatic life, swimming pools, hot tubs and just about every other “system” that integrates with living things. But when it comes to our human health, pH is usually only recognized at the extreme state of a medical crisis, such as respiratory acidosis. Why?

The role of pH in health and disease is not some new theory. Articles and studies on the role of pH in health and disease have appeared in the medical research over the last 80 years. Perhaps the best known association is between pH and bone health.

As a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist in practice for over 30 years, I have seen what adjusting pH can do. I have helped thousands of clients understand pH and how to keep their own pH in balance. I wrote Your Guide to Body pH because I believe this concept is important enough to share in a format that makes it easy to comprehend and apply.

Please understand that I did not write this book to convince you of anything. I am not on a mission to change your mind… only you can do that. More than likely, you found this website because you already know that somehow, acid-alkaline balance is important, but maybe you were not sure where to find honest, factual information and guidance.

Your Guide to Body pH is intended to do just that: provide readers with clear, unambiguous, and practical information on….

  • what is pH,
  • how pH affects your physiology and health,
  • how you properly measure your own pH
  • what your own pH readings really mean,
  • and most importantly, what can you do about it.

Taking more and more vitamins may not provide additional benefits if the pH is “off”.

Are lemons acidic or are lemons alkaline-forming?

The Answer is “both”. As you will learn in Your Guide to Body pH, those terms are not contradictory.

In the early years, Acid – Alkaline Food Charts were created based on a few primitive assumptions. “Lemons are acidic. Therefore, they make you more acidic.” We now know, based on a more accurate and scientific understanding of how foods affect our pH, that such “intuitive” conclusions are often incorrect. Many people who have tried to “intuit’ the effects that foods have on pH have been both bewildered and disappointed.

Is balancing your pH a “treatment” for a specific condition? No. I like to say that balancing your pH cures nothing, but helps everything. Knowing how to properly test and adjust your own physiological pH is one of those foundational “basics” that affects everything else you do for your health.

The information in Your Guide to Body pH is designed to provide you a solid, practical understanding of the acid-alkaline issue and empower YOU to work with your healthcare provider for better results.

Your Guide to Body pH is a, concise, easy to read, discussion on how to understand and use the concept of pH wisely and effectively. It is not a text book so if biology or chemistry was not your forté in school, don’t worry. You will also get a color Acid-Alkaline Food Chart to accurately identify which foods are acid-forming and which are alkaline-forming, and to what degree they influence your pH! And to make it easier to record and monitor your pH, I have prepared a special Graphical pH Recording Chart that helps you record your numbers and convert your pH numbers into a graphical presentation. This makes your pH patterns easy to see and follow. Is your pH lower toward the end of your stressful work week? This chart will help you identify those patterns visually and graphically.

Written in a PDF e-Book format, Your Guide to Body pH is available for immediate download so whether you are a PC, Mac or Linux user, you can still access this valuable information.

No Hype!

I respect your intelligence and have purposely left out the “hype” that is so common with on-line ebooks. No, I haven’t created a bunch of “bonuses” or “special offers” to entice you. I have always believed that the science and information will speak for itself! Further, I have made the price reasonable, so nearly everyone who wants to learn about this important topic can afford to get their own copy.

Don’t Get Out-Dated Information

I wrote this book with the express goal of providing readers with the most up-to-date information and suggestions. But health information does evolve, clinical protocols do change, and even an e-book can become “dated”. So to resolve this dilemma, I decided to do something rather unique. I have created the Appendix as a special online page, so it can be updated and changed as new information warrants. That way, you can check-in from time to time to see what might be new.

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