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Mind Myths: Awakening to a New Freedom from Chronic Illness and Emotional Distress

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Worldwide, millions of people are trapped in an endless cycle of suffering related to one or more chronic health conditions. In the Western world, such patients usually have little choice but to take drugs to mask symptoms, undergo invasive tests or treatments and attend brief, often unsatisfying consultations with one medical specialist after another.

At the same time, many more individuals struggle helplessly against the non-stop demands on our attention presented by mainstream media. The pressure to submit to society’s accepted way of thinking is powerful, nearly constant, and often quite subtle. Frequently, this barrage of information causes significant emotional distress as our goals for improving our health are curtailed by limited health care choices.

Dr. Jeff created Mind Myths to increase awareness of the potentially damaging limitations espoused by mainstream media and the modern medical community. Intended for those of us who have begun to recognize the need for a change within ourselves, Mind Myths will leave you challenged in your beliefs, validated in your concerns and fully prepared to take on the ongoing medical and mental challenges that are holding you back.

Mind Myths is the culmination of Dr. Jeff’s life’s work as a certified clinical nutritionist and reflects his own personal transformation from blind follower to open-eyed seeker of truth. As a young man, he struggled with chronic illness and found no relief from numerous medical specialists. After recovering on his own, he spent over thirty years listening to clients as they related similar negative experiences while navigating the modern medical system. Clearly all patients are not being helped by modern medicine, but many feel as though they don’t have the knowledge or the confidence necessary to turn to so-called alternative methods of healing.

By observing how the mainstream media conditions and biases our thinking, Dr. Jeff realized how those messages affect our ability to see the broader range of choices and determine the best course of action for ourselves and for our families. His mission with this book is to lay bare those messages and the motivations behind them to empower readers to recognize when and how they are being manipulated. Awakening to this knowledge is the first step in taking control over your life and finding the path to long-lasting health!

Using illustrative anecdotes and questions that compel the reader to think, analyze and learn more, Dr. Jeff presents evidence of the mental manipulation that transfers our personal power to people and organizations who are not concerned for our welfare. In addition to helping readers learn how to break free from this way of thinking, Mind Myths also details simple yet powerful ways to opt out from the systems that attempt to keep us from taking back power.

These lessons are imperative for our time, especially for those of us who think they have no choice but to accept being labeled with a chronic condition. There are always choices in life, and Mind Myths is here to help the reader reveal reveal new possibilities and directions. Get your copy today and begin your personal awakening to freedom!