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3 Words to Change Your Life

Do you even wonder why life seems so complicated?

Why is feeling overwhelmed and “out of time” now “normal”?

Is there more to life than working hard and buying more stuff?


Simple, Beautiful and Powerful


Here is an excerpt from the beginning of Wisdom from Machu Picchu: 3 Words to Change Your Life…..

What if there were 3 simple principles embodied in just 3 simple words that could change your life?  What if such principles had already been developed and used in a society, successfully, but we simply didn’t know about it?  Would it be possible to fundamentally transform our societies and the dynamics of our human interactions if these principles were taken to heart?  Would we not be freer to live, to be our true selves, to foster harmony, peace, justice, among our human kin?  Would wars over territory and resources become obsolete? Would the need to be ruled by others become unnecessary?

These are a lot of “what ifs”.  But what if we change the way we think and thereby create a richer, more satisfying life experience?  Would you be interested?  Would you be open to the possibility there might be “another way”?   Are these questions merely the product of fanciful and idealistic thinking?  Or is humanity ready for a change?

One of the benefits of being a child is having the perception that life is simple.  As a child, our focus is directed toward on immediate needs… our need to eat, our need for attention, our need for love and affection, and our desire to play, etc..  Our decisions are spontaneous and arise from our very uncomplicated perceptions.

As we enter adulthood saddled with the imprint and conditioning from years of schooling and experience, we emerge into a modern society designed by man and constructed with layer upon layer of structure and complexity.  The simple decisions of childhood now require considerable deliberation, review and often consultation with “experts”.

Living each day on the treadmill of life, in order to expand our material world hasn’t enriched our deeper inner world, our sense of being or our connection with humanity.  We are told how to think, what to believe, how to live, what we can and cannot do, what we should feel in times of joy and grief and even how long our grief should last.  Why?  How did we drift so far out of touch with ourselves and our basic truths?

What I share in Wisdom from Machu Picchu came to me through a very unexpected yet incredible series of events that took me from Boston to the remote mountain villages of Guatemala, to a meeting with a Mayan shaman in Guatemala City, to South America and Peru.

I invite you to experience these simple but powerful ideals for your self.

Widsom from Machu Picchu was written by the author and donated to support the formation of a charitable foundation in Guatemala. The project is to build a special retreat where physical, emotional and spiritual healing is made available those who are in need and available without cost for those who cannot afford it. 100% of the proceeds generated by the sale of this monograph will be donated to this project.



We are asking a modest $7.97 for a copy of Wisdom from Machu Picchu.  If you feel inspired to contribute to this charitable project, can simply adjust the amount at check-out up to whatever your heart tells you is approprite.  Any amount is welcome and we thank you in advance for your support!